Over the past month, Shari Chase traveled to Sri Lanka and spent time with Dr. Abey and the Weera Gamunu farmers. Below is an update letter from Shari explaining the incredible transformations that have taken place over the past 4 years due to the tremendous help and support from our volunteers, Board members and everyone who has donated to the Hela Bima World mission.


Thank you to all volunteers and all participants on all levels for sending good thoughts for great progress here in Sri Lanka. Your thoughts are becoming a reality. May you feel Joy! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your commitment to supporting our mission.

The farmers are constantly increasing the quality of their lives from adding new windows to their houses to eating healthy meals instead of a water-only diet. They look healthier and have so much more confidence, so when chemical companies come calling, they do not get in the door! The Farmers now know they can produce crops that do not require harmful chemicals. They know the value of the earth and the way we treat it makes a huge difference. There are so many little differences from my last visit and this is all because of your efforts.

Organic Rice

I discovered a reality in Sri Lanka that is top-of-mind for me; realizing that we were only one generation removed from losing the knowledge of traditional farming (without the use of harmful chemicals and fertilizers). Now, we have made a major shift to protect our future, the way we see FOOD and the way we value our lives.    

Dr. Abey just completed a huge re-enactment of an ancient rice harvest ceremony spanning over two days for over 500 farmers, kids and families. Farmers participated in ancient rice harvesting methods such as buffalo thrashing and ancient milling processes. Farmers told stories of what they remembered before the big corporations took over farming while cooking rice for everyone. It was a HUGE success! The older co-op farmers brought new farmers to participate in this event. Many new farmers are submitting applications to join Weera Gamunu!

The current harvest is by far the most abundant harvest they have experienced yet due to a greater understanding of all processes. In just two years I have seen a few huge differences. First, the President of Sri Lanka wants the entire nation to be chemically free by 2020! As a result, more and more people are becoming aware of the dangers of chemically grown food. The second is storage. Obtaining land for more storage is not easy due to restrictions on land purchases but the farmers have expanded their temporary storage and are now in the process of buying land for a new storage facility and milling plant.

Shari Chase

A major job is coordinating and addressing everyday issues. Dr. Abey has brought in people with a great heart to learn and carry out the process. He says “Here in Sri Lanka, one only needs patience and compassion.” This is his open-university program. The uplifting of lives is beyond transformational. That is what we need to learn as well.

Dr. Abey continues to see patients in Colombo and many people stop by his clinic for herbs and blessings waiting until he has time to see them. Changing the world takes determination and dedication. Thank you for all of yours!! May you be blessed!

-Shari Chase