As the snows begin to gently fall and the crisp morning air awakens our senses, we can almost taste the holiday season and feel the Love flowing through our hearts.  Kindness and generosity bring smiles to our faces as the spirit of giving awakens our souls.  This is a magical time of year filled with happiness and good tidings.

For the rice farmers of Sri Lanka it has been a year of tremendous growth and expansion.  There are now 1,000 farmers benefiting from the tireless efforts of Dr. Abey.  They have all come together in the spirit of cooperation, supporting one another in the construction of a new rice mill, packaging and storage facility which will dramatically increase the farmer’s ability to harvest, package and sell their delicious energized rice.  Thanks to your support of the Hela Bima Rice Project, every package of rice purchased has contributed to this effort and will empower the farmers to live more successful and independent lives while providing healthy, nutritious food for their families and communities.




Rice Building 3

This beautiful new facility will be fully operational this year.  The rice farmers of Sri Lanka are taking charge of their lives, restoring their culture and heritage while thriving in their environment.  The Hela Bima Rice Project was there every step of the way providing the guidance, resources and inspiration required to help the farmers realize their dream.

During this season of Love and gratitude we take time to reflect upon the blessings of our life.  We feel the peace and gratitude within as we are lovingly guided towards generosity, acceptance, and compassion.  We discover within ourselves the best of who we are and share this joy and happiness as we celebrate the holidays.

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Enlightenment is Peace, and Peace is Love.

We all have the power to change the world in which we live.  When we strive to achieve greatness, not only are we improving our own lives, but we are becoming part of a universal consciousness to elevate our existence and manifest miracles.  May your families and loved ones be blessed with joy and abundance this holiday season.