On a beautiful, sunny afternoon we gathered in celebration of our volunteers and as an expression of our love and appreciation for Dr. Abey.  We were blessed this year to host our festivities at the home and gardens of Linda Merrill, a friend and client of Dr. Abey for many years.  With flowers and blooms by the thousands, the breathtaking gardens with waterfalls, streams, and beautiful ponds provided the perfect natural setting for such a happy and spiritual event.


One by one the guests arrive and you can feel the celebration beginning.  Lot’s of hugs and conversations as friends old and new share their experiences and renew their connections.  It is a spectacular day filled with the sounds of laughter and happiness.  Appetizers and refreshments are served as more of our guests arrive including Dr. Abey and Shari.  Now the party can really get going.

After an hour of meeting, greeting and eating we came together and gathered in a circle of gratitude.  We shared our experiences and expressed our appreciation through art, poetry, song and more.  You can feel the genuine happiness and peace that envelopes the meadow as each of us open our hearts and spirit to the radiance that surrounds us.  We are blessed.


The dinner bell rings and it’s time to eat.  From incredible rice dishes, grilled skewers, delicious salads and decadent dark chocolate, the food was fantastic and we all enjoyed the rest of our time together.  It was a wonderful celebration filled with family and friends sharing their hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow.

Our deepest appreciation to all of you who find it in your hearts to volunteer and support the efforts of Dr. Abey and his mission.

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