The mission of Hela Bima World is to nourish humanity, reduce poverty and hunger, educate people on the value of holistic living and provide a pathway for improved health and wellness.

What does Hela Bima mean?

Hela means light, Bima means land. Hela Bima means Land of Light.

Today, because of physical and materialistic development, much of the world’s spiritual and mental growth has been lost.  In modern America, humans have changed their values and ethics because of ignorance and have placed more value on materialistic expansion instead of mental development. This movement away from Divine human qualities is causing the world to separate by country, class and color.

Hela Bima World functions to reverse the dynamics of material development and bring the lost values of humanity back to the United States and the world, respecting the great human qualities and bringing the country together to unite in function and peace. Our mission and method create a real opportunity to make a difference.

To accomplish this, the organization focuses on the work of Dr. Jayanath Abeywickrama, head physician of the Rankema Ayurveda Center in Sri Lanka.  Dr. Abey is gifted with a unique talent to energize others to reach their goals, define their highest purpose and live a healthy and prosperous life.

Through an annual series of spiritual teachings, health and wellness workshops, seminars and U.S. retreats, our students learn and benefit from education in chemical free farming and holistic nutrition. Our teachings empower the mind and spirit by bonding ancient third world wisdom with modern day life. The result is healthier, happier, empowered citizens.

Central to the function of the organization is the Hela Bima Rice Project.  The project grows 2,000 year-old ancient varieties of rice, providing rich and whole food nourishment for health and healing. Using ancient traditions, the farmers grow nature friendly rice, free of harmful fertilizers and chemicals, reducing exposure to disease. When crops mature, rice farmers receive compensation for their crop to support their families and gain confidence in their lives.

The function and scope of the Hela Bima World is to see pure FOOD as a bridge to a wholesome healthy life for all humanity. Third world efforts and rice production will nourish the body and mind of our first world nation.


We are growing 2,000 year-old ancient varieties of rice which provide whole food for health and healing. The Hela Bima Rice Project is awakening and educating the world, honoring the farmers, their rice and well-being.

This ancient variety of sacred rice is grown by loving hands with conscious blessings from the farmers in Sri Lanka and energized by Dr. Abeywickrama. These nutritious grains are cultivated, harvested, milled and packaged by a rural community of small farmers using old Singhalese traditional wisdom, without chemicals, pesticides or harmful fertilizers.

“Ancient Energized Rice nourishing the soil and the soul.”


Dr. Jayanath Abeywickrama’s goal is to evoke a feeling of value and appreciation for fundamental life-giving and life-sustaining principles to help you successfully navigate the challenges of the 21st century. He belongs to the lineage of 31 generations of unbroken traditional Sri Lanka Ayurveda. He is a medical doctor and has worked with the Health Minister of his country, Sri Lanka and the Prime Minister of India.

Dr. Abey works to relieve physical and mental, visible and invisible sufferings using the ancient miracle science of chanting mantras and energizing water for powerful healing. You will tap into the power and wisdom of ancient healing traditions and create miracle healing for you and for others. Join Dr. Abey and gain access to the true source of JOY, HEALTH and SUCCESS.