Our hearts are filled with LOVE and Gratitude once again.  Thank you Dr. Abey for sharing your blessings and ancient wisdom.  Thank you for teaching self empowerment and spiritual enlightenment while inspiring others to achieve Joy, Health and Success in their lives.  Thank you for your generous heart and for being an example to the world.



The 2017 RANKEMA World Summit was by far one of the most exciting, engaging, and FUN events we have ever experienced.  From the very first moment it was clear that we were in for something new and exciting this year.  Dr. Abey was so animated and enthusiastic and his infectious attitude only enhanced his ability to open our minds and inspire us all.

“How is your day?  So is your life!”

A simple yet powerful realization of just how important our thoughts, words and actions are and how they can have a lasting and profound impact upon the quality of our life and our individual perceptions of happiness and success.  It does not matter what happened yesterday, or what may or may not happen tomorrow… if you’re having a good day, then you’re having a good life!  Imagine how wonderful life would be if every day was a good day, filled with hope and opportunity to experience our personal and spiritual best.  To be free of negative memories and distractions allowing us to fully experience the present moments of our life.  To be aware of the world around us, remaining ever mindful of our energies and intentions.

The RANKEMA World Summit teaches us to be in tune with our energies.  We discover that practicing meditation and chanting ancient mantra bring our energies into balance and amplify our abilities to radiate positive frequencies and good vibrations for our self and our environment.  Think of yourself as a musical instrument, the more “in tune” we are, the more powerful and harmonious the results will be.  Just like Dr. Abey, the more we practice, the more comfortable we are with our instrument, the more natural the sound and experience will be.

Set your spirit free with daily mantra and meditation.Abey in LOTUS_WHT SM

The RANKEMA World Summit provides us the guidance and motivation to discover ourselves, elevate our lives and become aware of our thoughts and abilities.  When Dr. Abey teaches, he has a way of speaking to our hearts, awakening our confidence and igniting our determination.  He provides us with the knowledge and tools we need to live happier, more fulfilling lives.  Love and gratitude are the foundation of enlightenment and a pathway to inner peace and serenity.

Dr. Abey demonstrates how loving kindness and compassion frees us of pain and unnecessary burdens providing clearer focus, more energy, and a stronger likelihood of achieving our hopes and dreams.  He provides an understanding of the laws of the universe and the role we play in determining the future of our own life.  We learn tools of ancient wisdom to use in the modern world.


The RANKEMA World Summit is a life-changing event, a beautiful fellowship of enlightenment and spirituality.  Evolving and expanding our realms of possibility while teaching us to clearly define our goals and focus solely upon the desired results of our intentions.  There is no target, there is only a bulls-eye.  This awareness empowers us to manifest our dreams with absolute determination and confidence.

Join us next year and be sure to bring a friend as the 2018 RANKEMA World Summit is sure to be one of the most exciting and informative self development events you will ever experience.  To learn more call Robbie at 775 588 7076 or visit our website.