This is the story of Haley Mangone, a twelve-year-old girl who is on a mission to cure her mother of breast cancer. Soon after her mother Mila developed a tumor in her left breast Haley began researching alternative therapies and was surprised to learn just how important food, diet and lifestyle are in not only preventing cancer, but more importantly, in helping the body to heal from injury, illness and chronic disease. She learned about Ayurvedic herbs and medicines and that the right combination of food and spices can empower our cells and have tremendous influence on how our bodies heal and regenerate.

As Haley continued on her journey of discovery she was amazed to learn that water has memory and that our words and intentions have a profound effect upon the crystallization and healing properties of water. She learned that adult bodies are up to 65% water and understood how prayers, chants and mantras can produce powerful healing energies within the body. It made sense to her that if water could retain healing energies, then so can food. She thought about this for a while and began to research energized foods which led her to click on, a website featuring energized rice.

Haley was excited as she read about the benefits of consuming energized rice and felt this was a vital component for her mothers’ nutritional plan. Haley ordered some rice and began incorporating it into their family meals along with fresh organic superfoods, herbs and spices. It wasn’t long before everyone began feeling better and noticing they had more energy and vitality. Haley continues to discover new recipes and one of her mothers’ favorite nutrient-packed beverages is Golden Milk…

2 Cups Almond Milk
1 Tbs Coconut Oil
1 Tbs Rankema Turmeric
1 Tsp Rankema Cinnamon
1 Tsp Honey
Grated Fresh Ginger
Dash of Rankema Black Pepper

1. Combine almond milk, coconut oil, turmeric, cinnamon, honey and ginger in a small pot.
2. Slowly bring to a boil.
3. Mix in dash of Rankema black pepper.
4. Serve hot.

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Mila feels blessed for the incredible bounty of healthy, delicious foods and beverages that Haley is lovingly preparing for her. Her family is combining their meals with other plant-based therapies, guided meditation and prayer. Mila is noticing a dramatic improvement in how she feels and functions. Less pain and swelling, more energy, increased appetite and best of all the tumor is shrinking. Mila is beating her disease and is once again filled with hope and optimism thanks to the love and encouragement of her incredible family and one very special daughter.

Hela Bima World and the Hela Bima Rice Project are blessed to be able to provide such delicious and nutritional ancient grains to the world. Energized Rice is a powerful tool for anyone seeking to improve their health and overall well-being. Due to last year’s bountiful harvests Dr. Abey, the rice farmers and several volunteers including our very own Judd Everly are currently busy in Sri Lanka constructing a new facility for storing and packaging our precious rice. Join us in supporting Dr. Abey and the rice farmers with your purchase. Hela Bima Rice is the perfect ancient grain for your friends and family who are looking to improve their health and quality of life. Give the gift of Energized Rice!

Used in traditional Ayurveda to improve digestion
Tasty rice ideal for growth and regeneration
Balances Vata Dosha


Savory rare red rice. Good source of Fiber
Great appetizer with a delicious flavor
Balances Vata Kapha Dosha


Used in traditional Ayurveda to enhance vitality
A rare rice treasured by the ancients
Balances Vata Dosha


A delectable white rice with a creamy taste
Ideal for festive occasions and ceremonies
Balances Vata and Pita Dosha


Used in traditional Ayurveda to improve health
A savory rice that enhances well-being
Balances Vata Dosha