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Sri Lankan Recipes

March 2016 Sri Lankan Recipe Winners!

We love hearing about recipes that our wonderful customers have created, which is why once a month, we will choose our favorite one and add it to our Hela Bima Rice website. If your recipe is chosen, we will send you a bag of Hela Bima Rice (of your choice) […]

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Soul Song Healing CD Set

During the Rankema World Summit, Dr. Abey presented “Soul Song”, a two-disc CD set he spent two years developing with a Sri Lankan orchestra. This four-day, self-realization and self-healing retreat provided ancient wisdom teachings from Dr. Abey combined with […]

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New Meditation Cards

Based on Dr. Abey’s 60 Verses book and CD, this box contains 75 gold-gilded cards to help bring CLARITY, WISDOM AND STRENGTH to your life.

Choose a card each day to meditate upon, feel its energy, and let it show you guidance and awareness for a spiritual journey to achieve JOY, HEALTH, and SUCCESS.

The Living Wisdom Mediation […]

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Meet our Farmers!

When the storage facility for the rice was first being built,  several of the local farmers dedicated their time and effort.  Jeewa (photo below), one of the poorest farmers in the village, took his three children to protect the rice in storage.  They were so proud that they literally slept by the rice all night!During […]

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The Hela Bima Rice Project

Since starting the Hela Bima Rice Project in 2009, Dr. Abey has gone from working with one rice farmer to over 500 and counting!  With many contributions from the United States, he is able to expand the number of farmers joining the Hela Bima Rice Project by educating them on the benefits of farming without […]

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Children of Hela Bima

“Development of a country is the development of the children of that country.”

-Dr. Jayanath Abeywickrama

On June 10, 2009,  in an ancient and sacred area of Sri Lanka, Dr. Abey began construction of a school for the children of the Weera Gamanu rice farmers (Dr. Abey’s co-op).  In the early morning before construction started, government officers […]

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Summer of Healing: A Journey Towards Enlightenment and Self-Empowerment

Our beloved Dr. Abey continues his work with the most gifted teachers and wisdom keepers bringing us knowledge and understanding to live happier, more fulfilled lives with gratitude and LOVING KINDNESS.

We are excited to report that Dr. Abey’s teachings are empowering individuals worldwide to become Super Achievers joyfully sharing their enlightenment and abundance with others.

This […]

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We LOVE our Volunteers!

This summer was an incredible success, and we owe it all to our wonderful volunteers!

We are grateful for our enthusiastic and compassionate volunteers who supported Dr. Abey and Hela Bima World at every event during his visit.  This year our team travelled to the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Southern California. The success of Dr. Abey’s visit […]

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A Message from Dr. Abey

Dear rice consumers, all supporters, volunteers and Board of Directors of Hela Bima World,

Now I am back in Sri Lanka.  Today, September 17th, was a special day as we all, farmers and their families, placed energy of gratitude in the universe.

May you all be blessed with these blessings.

We are finishing the collection of paddy […]

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New Rice Names and Labels

To protect these ancient and sacred grains from unfriendly corporations, Dr. Abey recently changed the names of four varieties of rice. We also redesigned each rice label! See below!Growth and Regeneration

A perfect food for mother and child that encourages growth and regeneration, strengthening life-force energy and radiance. Mau Gune has special potencies to relieve gastritis and piles; it […]

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